Have your say: plans for more toxic ash dumps in the Latrobe Valley

AGL plans to massively expand its coal ash dumps in the Latrobe Valley – exposing the community to toxic coal waste for almost another 20 years.

Thanks for being part of this! Hundreds of people from the community called on the EPA to reject this proposal.

These dumps would be huge – six times larger than the MCG – but AGL hasn’t given any reason for building dumps that size to last that long.

EJA lawyers and the local community have serious concerns about the impacts of AGL’s proposal on the local community and environment, like:

  • Health risks from exposure to toxic heavy metals found in coal ash dumps like mercury, lead and arsenic
  • Contamination of groundwater and the local environment
  • Poor management and monitoring of coal waste dumps
  • AGL’s patchy track record on environmental damage

The Latrobe Valley community should not have to deal with the ongoing impacts of coal on their health, the air they breathe, and the local environment. AGL’s plans don’t stack up for the community, the environment, nor in the context of Victoria’s plans to phase out coal within 12 years.

Thanks for having your say on the EPA to reject AGL’s toxic proposal.

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