Keep up the pressure for clean air

We must keep up the pressure in the campaign for clean air. Here are some ways you can take action to let your government know that it is time to reduce toxic air pollution to protect community health.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper 

The letters to the editor section are one of the most widely read sections of any newspaper. This means that if what you write is published, it will be read by many people with a variety of perspectives, including neighbours, MPs, and councillors. This offers folks like us a chance to reach a broad audience and provide readers with information and insights on issues we care about in a way that inspires readers to act. We have put together a template and guidelines on how you can write to your local newspaper. 

Write a letter to the editor

Request a meeting with your state environment minister or local MP 

Securing a meeting with your representatives is a powerful what to take the advocacy for clean air to the next level. To help you along your way to securing a meeting we have put together two template letters, one to request a meeting and one you can use to follow up post-meeting. If you secure a meeting, get in touch with us for a meeting agenda and talking points.

Template to request a meeting with your MP

Tweet up a storm  

Flood the mentions of your state environment minister on social media, let them know that we are watching and encourage your followers to tweet along with you.  

Here’s a few we’ve put together, just hit the twitter icon to tweet away: 

Coal-fired power stations pump out huge amounts of toxic pollutants every year. State Environment Ministers could cut that by more than 85% by making power stations install proper pollution controls. @Matt_KeanMP @LilyDAmbrosioMP @EPA_Victoria @NSW_EPA #auspol  

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