DELWP must put the community first


Let’s show decision makers how much the community cares about rehabilitating Hazelwood

Even a few of us writing to the Department will be enough to show DELWP there is significant local concern about Engie’s proposed Hazelwood Mine Rehabilitation.

Why are you concerned? Maybe its about:

  • Engie packing up and leaving the Hazelwood mine without cleaning up
  • The mine pit becoming a polluted, unstable pit lake
  • Damaging the quantity and quality of water flowing through the Latrobe River, or the impact on the nearby Gippsland Lakes
  • The project taking too much water from local rivers
  • The impact on native vegetation and wildlife 

Send a quick email to John Bradley from DELWP, outlining why you care about the Environmental Effects Statement, and ask him to notify us in advance of the public consultation period.

This will put your community and your concerns at the forefront of the minds of officials during the EES process!


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