Call to clean up toxic coal ash waste

For years the Latrobe Valley power stations have been allowed to operate toxic coal ash dams without strong regulations and best-practice guidelines to prevent contamination, putting the Latrobe Valley community at risk of serious health impacts.  

Coal ash dams are built next to waterways and on top of groundwater and have been slowly leaching into groundwater tables, exposing local waterways to toxins.  

The full extent of contamination problems won’t appear until decades after power stations close and if coal ash dams are not cleaned up properly, the Latrobe Valley community will be left with a toxic coal ash legacy.  

It’s clear that current guidelines for coal ash dams fail to adequately protect the Latrobe Valley community from the dangers of toxic coal ash.  

We are calling on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to implement fit-for-purpose guidelines specific to the management, remediation and re-use of coal ash. The guidelines should ensure the safe management and remediation of Latrobe Valley coal ash dams, and hold power station operators accountable to conduct best-practice clean ups.  

Can you call on Lee Miezis, CEO of the EPA to clean up toxic coal ash waste? Send an email now.  

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Image: Friends of Latrobe Water (FLoW) 

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