Call on our Environment Minister to ensure our new nature laws really work

We have a once in a generation opportunity to fix our failing national environment laws.

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has just announced plans for a new national framework of environment laws.

There are some important commitments in her plans, but we need to get this right if we’re going to meet the challenge of the environmental crises we’re facing. As it stands, there are some critical gaps that must be addressed.

Minister Plibersek needs to know there are thousands of us calling on her to get these laws right – for all of the wonders of our natural world, for the animals and plants that shape our shared identity, for the world we can’t live without.

Email tips

  • We’ve written a template email for you to start with. Unique, personal messages are always the most impactful, so we encourage you to change the subject line and make at least the start of the email personal to you.
  • You could talk about why this issue is important to you, and why you care about protection for nature that really works
  • You might like to include a story or anecdote about a place, plant or animal that’s particularly special to you.

Read the blog by our senior specialist lawyer, Ellen Maybery, for the full story.


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