Call on the NSW government to spend public money on renewables, not more coal

The NSW government wants to spend hundreds of millions of public dollars propping up the mega-polluting Eraring coal-fired power station – at a time when the transition to renewable energy is critical.

Pollution from coal-fired power stations has serious consequences for community health and the environment. It’s linked to cancers and respiratory illnesses, higher rates of asthma, and low birthweight in newborn babies.

And it’s not just air pollution. When coal is burned, its toxic by-product is dumped in enormous ash dams. Keeping Eraring open means those toxic dumps of coal waste continue to pile up – and continue to contaminate the environment at Lake Macquarie.

Instead of subsidising dangerous and unreliable coal, our governments should use public money for lasting solutions – like funding vital solar panel and battery programs for the thousands of households struggling to pay rising energy and gas bills.

Two recent reports by independent energy experts Clean Energy Finance and Nexa Advisory have shown that clean energy – at a large-scale and household level – is the key to energy security and lower bills for NSW.

This is a pivotal moment for our state’s energy transition. We need to make sure our politicians and decision makers know we want clean energy for NSW – not more polluting coal.

Will you send a quick email to your local MP and Health Minister Ryan Park?

Email tips

  • Begin by introducing yourself, where you live, and why this issue matters to you.
  • Write a unique subject line to make your email stand out.
  • Keep the tone of your email firm and respectful.
  • Make your ask clear, and re-iterate it at the end of your email. We suggest making two asks in your email – which we have included in our draft:
    • Stop the extension of Eraring power station’s closure date
    • Call for public money to be spent on vital renewable energy programs
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