Media release

Senator George Brandis’ comments put friendship with mining industry over ministerial accountability

August 18, 2015


Environmental Justice Australia has today expressed alarm that the comments from  Senator George Brandis on the Federal Court’s ruling in the Carmichael coal mine decision mean he is putting the interests of the coal industry ahead of ministerial accountability to the Australian community.

“Senator Brandis’ comments are another example of the power the mining industry wields over the government,” said Environmental Justice Australia lawyer Ariane Wilkinson. 

“His comments are effectively saying government ministers should not be held accountable for failing to follow the law. We need to have the highest standards of ministerial accountability to safeguard against corruption.

“The Australian community have every right to access the justice system, this case is a great example of democracy in action.”

The government’s outrageous response is to back this dying project and seek to remove the laws that protect the environment.

“Senator Brandis needs to revoke his comments, admit they were an error in judgement and ensure Federal Ministers remain accountable to the law,” said Ms Wilkinson. 

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