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Community back in court in bid to protect Alpine National Park

June 03, 2014


The Victorian National Parks Association, represented by Environmental Justice Australia and barristers Richard Niall QC and Andrew Walker, headed to the Supreme Court today in the next phase of their effort to protect the Alpine National Park form damaging cattle grazing.

“Today’s hearing takes us one step closer to getting a decision from the Court about whether it is legal for the Victorian government to put cattle in the national park,” said Director of Litigation at Environmental Justice Australia, Felicity Millner.

“At the final hearing of the case, we will be arguing the laws do not allow cattle in the Alpine National Park.

“Community organisations like the Victorian Nation Parks Association shouldn’t have to take the government to court. The government should protect our natural areas and national parks.”

“This case marks the first time in its 60 year history that the Victorian National Parks Association has taken the extraordinary step of launching court proceedings to protect corner stone of our conservation efforts national parks,” said Matt Ruchel, Executive Director, Victorian National Parks Association.

“The VNPA felt they needed to take action to protect the integrity of national parks for all Victorians.

“It a park not a paddock.

“Having cows trample through sensitive ecosystems damages the environment for future generations.”

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