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Adani’s environmental approvals rushed, inadequate

January 28, 2015

New investigations by Environmental Justice Australia have revealed that the process by which Indian corporate giant Adani was signed off as a ‘suitable operator’ for the proposed Carmichael coal mine was rushed and inadequate.

New research released by the law firm today shows the Newman Government, in its rush to fast track Adani Mining’s application to operate the Carmichael mine, has overlooked Adani’s environmental track record and failed to require Adani to respond to crucial issues about their history of environmental damage.

“Adani has a truly terrible track record. In India, they’ve shown disregard for Indian laws, causing extensive environmental harm, destroying mangroves and waterways, and causing air pollution,”  said Environmental Justice Australia lawyer Ariane Wilkinson.

“Queensland officials haven’t scrutinised Adani thoroughly. They registered the company as a ‘suitable operator’ but there is no indication that its environmental record has been considered at all since 2010.”

“There are big questions around the process by which Adani got their ‘suitable operator’ status. We know they bought an environmental authority from another company in 2010. Then they turned that into a minor permit which allowed them to undertake limited exploration activities on the Carmichael mine site, including geological surveys, storing chemicals, and treating sewage.”

“And then the Queensland government reissued their permit due to ‘lost paperwork’ and suddenly they are a ‘suitable operator’ for the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere. It’s like they got their driver’s licence and the government then said they could fly a jet plane.”

“This needs to be investigated. The chief executive of the Queensland Environment Department should exercise their power under section 318R of the Environment Protection Act 1994  to investigate Adani Mining Pty Ltd’s suitability to operate in Queensland. Handing them the ability to dig the biggest hole in the Southern Hemisphere, with serious environmental impacts,  when they have a well documented history of disregard for laws and the environment, is dangerous.”

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Report: A review of the Adani group’s environmental history in the context of the Carmichael coal mine approval

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