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Adani back in Court for allegedly breaching environmental laws as new report documents further legal transgressions

February 05, 2019

As the prosecution of Adani for alleged pollution at the Abbot Point Coal terminal returns to court today, a new report raises fresh concerns about the Adani Group’s international track record of breaking the law and causing significant harm to communities and the environment.

The Adani Brief Update: The Adani Group’s environmental and human rights record (a recently published update to The Adani Brief, published by Environmental Justice Australia and release in February 2017), includes new details about conduct by the Adani Group and its associated entities related to alleged illegal dealings and corruption, current and past court cases filed against Adani in Indian courts, and failures to comply with environmental laws.

The report argues that governments, decision-makers and private stakeholders involved in the project need to seriously consider the risks involved in allowing the mine and associated port expansion to proceed.

Ariane Wilkinson, Senior Lawyer at Environmental Justice Australia said, “The Adani Group’s global legal compliance record demonstrates a number of serious breaches with adverse consequences for the environment and local people.”

“If the company’s track record continues in Australia, then supporting the Adani Group’s Carmichael Mine and the Abbot Point Port may expose governments and private stakeholders to reputational and financial risks.”

Christine Carlisle of Mackay Conservation Group said, “Adani is in the business of building the Adani empire, and previous performance indicates they consider devastating the environment or encroaching on the rights of others is justified as part of doing business. Adani knowingly discharged coal pollutants into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, exceeding their licence by 800%. It’s as if the law does not apply to them.”

“It is a travesty to proceed with the Adani mine when we consider the impact the mine will have on our climate, our natural ecosystems and our threatened species.”

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