Meet our volunteer – Alexandra Valerio

A young woman smiles at the cameraWhat inspired you to apply to work with us at EJA?

I was searching for a firm that practiced predominantly public interest environmental law and EJA popped up as a perfect fit. I was inspired to apply for EJA because they have a broad variety of practicing areas, meaning I could gain experience in many different environmental law areas. I also think it’s wonderful that EJA has a strong community focus; holding workshops to educate the public on environmental laws/protection and showing them how to get involved in submissions for improvement of our environmental laws. The work that EJA does, is the work I aspire to do when I am admitted as a lawyer.

What has been your favourite thing about the role?

It is difficult to pinpoint a favourite thing about the role as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at EJA. One of the best things about the role is the opportunity to apply and improve the skills I have learnt in law school in a practical environment. I also thoroughly enjoy the variety in work; one day I might be working on something specific to a case the lawyers are working on and another day I might be completing a research task for a policy submission. I believe EJA has set me up very well for my future career as a lawyer and also introduced me to some incredible people along the way.

What does environmental justice mean to you?

Environmental justice means fairness for the environment. We need to work together to ensure we are respecting the environment and not exploiting the beautiful gifts it gives us. This means making sure everyone around us is doing the right thing and correcting those who aren’t. Environmental justice is imperative, and it is so important to advocate for its rights.


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