A win for our forests and threatened species
The catastrophic summer bushfires have destroyed vast swathes of Victoria’s native forests and millions of animals, including threatened wildlife.

Despite the devastation, the Victorian government’s logging agency – VicForests – continues to log unburnt forests home to threatened wildlife.

So we’re back in court!

Wildlife of the Central Highlands

Representing WOTCH, a community group of citizen scientists from Victoria’s Central Highlands, we’ve just launched a Supreme Court case against VicForests to stop logging in unburnt habitat for threatened wildlife impacted by the bushfires.

Represented by our team of lawyers, WOTCH alleges that logging where fire-affected threatened species have been sighted or their habitat exists is unlawful until the state and federal governments have concluded their bushfire biodiversity response and threatened species are protected in light of the findings.

This week WOTCH was granted an interim injunction that will keep the chainsaws out while the case proceeds. It’s a great result for our threatened species!

Another hearing has been scheduled for 18 February where the Court will decide if the injunction continues.

Protect our magnificent wildlife

We need your help to support this case, and protect what’s left of our precious threatened wildlife and their habitat.

Threatened species like the Greater Glider, Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl and Smoky Mouse have lost much of their remaining habitat in the catastrophic bushfires, pushing them even closer to extinction.

The Victorian government’s own preliminary response to the bushfires lists the threatened Greater Glider, Smoky Mouse, Sooty and Powerful Owls among the “fauna species of most immediate concern”. And yet logging continues in their habitat!

What you can do to support our threatened wildlife

With your donation to the Forests Fighting Fund we can provide critical funds for the WOTCH case and other legal support to protect forests and threatened species, and prevent more destruction of wildlife habitat following the devastating bushfires.

All funds will go towards legal advice, representation, expert witnesses, their travel and accommodation and much more that will help our barristers and solicitors to prepare and present their strongest arguments and best defence for our precious threatened wildlife.

The science is clear

As climate change gets worse, we can expect to see an increase in the number severity of bushfires. That means more destruction of our native forests and wildlife and more threatened wildlife on the brink.

The science is very clear, “logging forests after bushfires increase future fire risks and can render the forests uninhabitable for wildlife for decades or even centuries.” We cannot let this continue.

With your support we can use the full power of the law to stand up for our threatened species and the places we love.

Thank you for helping us in this fight.

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