The next 6 months are crucial for our threatened species

It’s time for our government to clean up the act.

Right now, we are losing wildlife at an alarming rate with more than 1,800 native plants and animals threatened with extinction.

It’s clear the laws put in place to protect our precious wildlife are broken and tinkering around the edges won’t fix the problem.

The first six months of the new decade will be crucial for our threatened species. We need your help to win stronger protections for our threatened wildlife.

Right now there are a number of opportunities to help save our threatened species.

Review of the EPBC Act

The review of our federal environment laws, the Environment Conservation and Biodiversity Protection Act 1999 (EPBC Act), is now underway and the Morrison Government is already talking about weakening our laws even more to speed up mining approvals.

For years, under these laws, governments have sacrificed our clean air and water, and our ancient forests and coral reefs for the sake of mining, logging and property development.

National leadership is urgently needed if we are to protect the people, places and wildlife we love. That’s why we’re fighting for stronger laws and an independent National Environmental Protection Authority to enforce them.

With submissions to the EPBC Act review due by February 2020, we need your support now to make sure we can maximise our influence and support other environment groups and concerned members of the public to make as many submissions as possible.

We must demand stronger, not weaker, environmental laws. It’s critical that we let the Morrison Government know that the community wants stronger nature protection laws.

Changes to our forests

There are major changes to logging and our forests right now in Victoria. The Victorian Government recently committed to end native forest logging in Victoria – but not until 2030. They also announced immediate protections for old-growth forests and Greater Glider habitat. The details of these promises and just how they will be implemented remain unclear. What is clear is that our precious native forests and the wildlife that depends on them will be pushed towards extinction if logging continues in their habitat for another 10 years.

This is a critical time for Victoria’s native forests as the key details on the implementation of these promises are to be worked out by early 2020. We need your help to push the government to deliver on their promises to protect old-growth forests and the habitat of threatened wildlife like the Greater Glider and Leadbeater’s Possum.

With a new generation of environment laws and independent organisations to govern them, the places and wildlife we love can thrive.

Your donation today will go a long way to helping all of us at EJA continue our work in 2020, protecting our air, water, forests and wildlife.

Thank you for helping us fight for a better future.

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