A new national Environmental Defenders Office
– Brendan Sydes, Lawyer and CEO, EJA

Last week our colleagues at EDO offices announced that Environmental Defenders Offices across Australia have merged to become a single national Environmental Defenders Office.

The launch of the national EDO Australia is an important step in growing the power of the movement for environmental justice in this country, and we’ve welcomed the merger as a significant step in the development of public interest environmental law capacity in Australia.

Lawyers working at the EDO, Environmental Justice Australia,  other non-profit organisations, and in private practice are together a powerful force for change. Now more than ever we need dedicated lawyers prepared to step up and provide their legal support and expertise to those fighting the climate and extinction crisis.

We, at Environmental Justice Australia, are proud of our EDO legacy (we were EDO Victoria until we relaunched as Environmental Justice Australia in 2014). We’re looking forward to continuing our close collaboration with our EDO colleagues while maintaining our own unique contribution to ensure that the public interest environmental law movement has the diversity and resilience required to be strong and successful.

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