A huge win for community justice in NSW
In October 2019, the New South Wales government announced a Parliamentary Inquiry into toxic coal ash waste.

This is a huge win for communities who live near coal ash dumps and worry about the impacts on their health and local environment.

Earlier this year, we released a groundbreaking report, Unearthing the Toxic Legacy of Coal Ash in Australia and recommended all states with coal-fired power stations initiate Parliamentary Inquiries urgently.

Government Inquiries are a critical first step in understanding the health and environmental impacts of this enormous toxic waste issue and the solutions required to fix it.

The Parliamentary Inquiry will investigate:

  • the costs of remediating toxic coal ash dumps including at the Mount Piper, Bayswater, Liddell, Vales Point, and Eraring power stations,
  • the cost risks of rehabilitation to the NSW Government, the real or perceived conflicts of interest in the NSW Government paying for rehabilitation, and timelines for the NSW government to fund rehabilitation of ash dumps,
  • the economic and employment opportunities associated with coal ash re-use, site remediation and repurposing of land,
  • the adequacy and effectiveness of the current regulations for ensuring best practice remediation of coal ash repositories,
  • and risks and liabilities associated with inadequate remediation including community and environmental health impacts.

You can make a public submission now through the government website or make a submission using our simple online form that we’ll make available shortly.

Communities have a right to know what’s in their air and water and must be protected from exposure to toxic waste, dumped by coal power companies.

Our governments have a responsibility to make these coal-fired power stations clean up their act.

Together, we can protect communities from the health and environmental impacts of coal-fired power.

Donate today so we can continue our vital coal ash work until we have Parliamentary Inquiries across the country.

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