Celebrating the successes of 2018
2018 was a busy year for the EJA team, from landmark court cases on climate risk to working with communities on air pollution to defending our magnificent old-growth forests in the Supreme Court. We achieved so much and are feeling ready to take on 2019 with gusto! Here’s a few of our key achievements from 2018.

Fighting for our forests in Court

Just before Christmas, we had a breakthrough in our case defending old-growth forests from logging in Victoria’s Supreme Court. We’ll be back in Court next year to finish up and we have another critical case coming up in February. If we win these cases, thousands of hectares of forest and the creatures that call them home will have a chance to thrive. Read more >

Protecting communities from coal pollution

It’s been a huge year for our clean air team. We amplified the voices of communities most affected by toxic coal pollution, put a spotlight on lax regulation and pollution controls in NSW and Victoria, and directed pressure on state EPAs to crack-down on coal pollution harming our communities. Read more >

A big win for the Places You Love

Last weekend, at the ALP National Conference, we had a big win for the places and wildlife we love. Bill Shorten committed to a new generation of environment laws and a national EPA to oversee them. This is testament to years of campaigning by EJA and a number of other organisations in the Places You Love Alliance. Read more >

Companies to take climate risk seriously

Our team has been hard at work this year providing legal support to investors and shareholders who are challenging their financial institutions on climate risk and our hard work has paid off. Companies are now expected to follow new national accounting standards that recommend they consider and report on climate. Read more >

Dodgy fracking deal exposed

Earlier this year, we discovered a cosy arrangement between the NT Government and a gas pipeline company that could cost the public $2.7 billion dollars and facilitate fracking in the NT. As a result, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is now considering our request to stop this dodgy deal. Read more >

Restoring Melbourne’s iconic rivers

Last year, we saw new laws passed to protect the Yarra River. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make sure those laws are implemented with strong community input. This year we’ve also been working with communities in Melbourne’s West to get similar law reform passed for the Maribyrnong and Werribee Rivers and in August, the Victorian government announced a critical first step. Read more >

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