It’s time for new environment laws: let’s start the conversation

Australia’s existing system of environmental laws needs renovation. It’s half working.

As State of the Environment reports have repeatedly shown, our environmental laws are overseeing a managed decline in the state and condition of our environment.

SoE 2016 expressly set out the need for overarching national policy reform, strengthened legislative frameworks and national leadership if we are to turn around the decline of Australian species and the damage being done to our air, water, reefs, rivers and forests.

In 2014 a collection of highly qualified experts, the Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law (APEEL), set about the massive task of considering what the next generation of environmental laws might look like.

These experts have just published a series of technical papers and an overview paper and a full list of more than 50 recommendations for reform.

The expert panel has considered:

  • The foundations of environmental law
  • Environmental governance
  • Terrestrial biodiversity conservation and natural resources management
  • Marine and coastal issues
  • Climate law
  • Energy regulation
  • The private sector, business law and environmental performance
  • Democracy and the environment.

APEEL is seeking feedback and responses to the technical papers and overview paper. This is an important opportunity to stimulate thinking and reform for environmental laws that help reverse the trajectories of decline being experienced by so many unique Australian species.

You are invited to contribute: www.apeel.org.au.

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