The Sustainability Law Lab becomes reality

We are a new initiative of Environmental Justice Australia, aiming to support purpose-led enterprises by providing access to innovative and cost effective legal services.

We are using start-up methodologies, such as the business model canvas and customer validation techniques to develop our business model. We’ve discovered that our emerging value proposition is to deliver high impact legal solutions for clients and society, by:

  • Providing innovative and cost effective legal services.
  • Providing collaborative and connected lawyers that get new business models and innovative projects in the low-carbon economy.
  • Running collaborative workshops for win-win solutions and agreement building.
  • Brokering legal solutions through our network of law firms, barristers and legal researchers.
  • Identifying legal obstacles to sustainability projects and forming legal strategies for long term legal solutions.
  • Providing training and education programs for knowledge training and or implementation. 

We aim to work with:

  • Purpose-led (non-profit and for-profit) sustainability enterprises, such as community-based renewable energy enterprises.
  • Other purpose-led enterprises that meet our criteria.
  • Collaborative partners, such as think tanks, NGOs or other aligned organisations.

We are ready to assist people and wanting to grow our networks, explore opportunities and work with others toward our common objectives.

Feel free to get in touch!

[email protected]

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