Victorian Climate Charter: the foundation for an effective whole of government approach to climate change

The Independent Review into Victoria’s Climate Change Act has recommended that Victoria adopt a Climate Change Charter.

We’ve just learned that the Independent Review into Victoria’s Climate Change Act has recommended that Victoria adopt a Climate Change Charter.

The announcement came as part of the Climate Change Act Review which was tabled this morning in Parliament.

The Independent Review Panel’s report, released this morning, recommends the Victorian Government write a Climate Charter into the state’s laws. The Charter is to contain objectives and principles for dealing with climate change.

We originally developed the concept of a Climate Charter inspired by Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities back when the Climate Act was originally developed by the Brumby Labor government in 2010.

We revived the idea the concept of the Climate Charter when the current Victorian government appointed an expert panel to undertake a review of the Act because we though the charter model was the best way to make sure that all government decision-makers take climate change and the need to reduce emissions seriously when making decisions relevant to climate change.

The Climate Charter is a tool that could be applied, throughout Australia and around the world, to achieve effective climate action.

The Victorian Government’s review of the Climate Change Act shows the important role states can play in addressing risks of climate change. At a time when we’ve got no federal tax on carbon, and laws that allow fossil fuel extraction without a thought for the effects on our climate, this is a big step forward.

We’re pleased that the independent review panel has listened to the hundreds of Victorians who made submissions in support of a Climate Charter.

The government needs to make the recommendation of the independent panel for a Climate Charter into law, to drive real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions across Victoria. The next few weeks are crucial.

If you would like to see the Climate Charter adopted in Victoria, watch this space and we’ll be in touch with details of the best way to see a Climate Charter through the legislative process to become real action on climate change.


Overview of the Independent Committee Report

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