David Barnden: Climate & Finance lawyer

EJA is excited to announce that David Barnden has joined us as our Climate & Finance lawyer.

In this role, David will be using his legal skills to hold powerful corporations to account. Right now, he’s working on ACCR’s Federal Court appeal for shareholders to bring resolutions about environmental concerns. He’s also been working with Greenpeace International on climate risk disclosure requirements by listed companies and a number of still secret and interesting matters as part of our exciting new Finance Program.

David has a long history of inspiring legal work, including the successful Aid/Watch High Court case that means it’s ok for charities to engage in political debate, as well as high-profile shareholder and consumer class actions during six years at Maurice Blackburn, including such as against Gunns Ltd and Cash Converters. He has worked for BankTrack in the Netherlands, using the leverage in private finance to assist community groups get better environmental outcomes, and in Argentina on a case against polluting Uruguayan pulp mills.

David says “I have always been conscious of the enormous power of corporations to affect the environment we all share. Some of our most urgent environmental challenges are bound to the complexity of financial systems and governance – topics which may seem dull but have massive impacts in our globalised world. I am looking forward to working with our clients to hold these corporations to account and make the world a better place.”

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