Danya Jacobs, Forest Lawyer

We’re delighted that Forest Lawyer Danya Jacobs has joined EJA. Danya has a wealth of experience in public interest environment law, including Victorian cases seeking to protect threatened species and communities from logging, and Federal Court challenges to mining in the Tarkine.

Danya is also a passionate about protecting our forests, having volunteered with grassroots groups defending the forests in East Gippsland for more than a decade, and organising student involvement in forest campaigns while at university.  She currently sits on the executive of Lawyers for Forests Inc after recently serving as President.

Danya’s work could not come at a more crucial time for what remains of our native forests.

With mountain ash forests in Victoria under threat as never before from state sponsored, loss making logging, and the Leadbeater’s possum facing extinction, our forests need all the help they can get.

At the same time, in Tasmania, forests continue to be logged despite the progress of the Tasmanian Forests Agreement, and the Tarkine – one of the last great unprotected forests on earth – is under imminent threat from mining.

Danya says ‘I love spending time experiencing the diversity of life and stunning beauty of our forests. That’s why  I am passionately committed to using the law to defend native forests. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe we’re not far from real change in the way we treat our forests and the array of wildlife that depend on them.’

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