The EDO has made a submission to a Review on native vegetation regulation being undertaken by the Victorian Government. The Government has put forward a range of reform proposals in a recent Consultation Paper on the subject.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has handed down its decision in Lisa Caripis v Victoria Police, an important case about protesters and their rights to privacy.  

The EDO acted for Lisa Caripis, a researcher and writer on climate change law, who had been filmed by Police attending a peaceful protest.

Good planning should be based on community consultation, expert advice and accountability and transparency.

Last week, Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy MP, made a last-minute, political decision to avoid proper planning processes that is completely contrary to principles of good planning.

The Environment Defenders Office is representing a small environment group, Friends of the Surry, in an upcoming VCAT hearing on 8 October.  The case is about protecting our coast from bad planning decisions.

You may not realise it, but the Victorian Government is planning to amend Victorian law to lock in logging in our native forests for the foreseeable future. 

The EDO is acting for Lisa Caripis, who attended a protest at the Hazelwood Power Station in 2010, where she experienced being filmed by the Victoria Police.  The Victoria Police have since retained the footage - although the protest was peaceful, and no arrests were made.  

A bill to strip back the rights of community members' to intervene in the planning process is now before the Victorian Parliament, promising Victorians a planning system that puts developers first and leaves ordinary citizens increasingly sidelined.

On Monday this week, the Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, outlined his new approach to planning in Victoria's coastal areas, which are subject to impacts from climate change such as sea-level rise. 

The announcement was that the Minister had finally prepared his response to a Report that had been provided to the government in December 2010.  The Minister also made this Report available to the public.

Some time ago, a Minister of State accused us of running a 'campaign of misinformation' designed to 'shut down all exploration for coal and gas resources' in Victoria.

The claims were made by Michael O'Brien, the Minister for Resources and Energy, in response to our report on Reforming Mining Law in Victoria.

The EDO has recently won a case in VCAT to gain access to documents held by the Victorian Government, which the Government used to justify its decision to commence its contentious 'alpine grazing trial' in the Alpine National Park, which commenced in early 2011.  The ABC has already reported on this win, and you can read it


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