The Victorian government is currently consulting on reform to the State’s main law protecting nature – the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG Act).

The FFG Act is in need of fundamental reform.

Queensland’s Office of Information Commissioner makes a welcome judgement.

Do you want to use your skills to help the environment and the health of the Australian community?

Image of Melbourne protest against Turnbull-Adani meeting

We examine why Adani is ineligible for the proposed $1bn loan and the NAIF board must reject the funding.

We have audited the monitoring of air pollution from coal mines in NSW and found significant errors.

Environmental Justice Australia recently had the pleasure of participating in the National Environmental Law Association's (NELA) Annual National Conference for 2016. The NELA conference focused on how effectively current environmental laws and policies are achieving the multiple aims of sustainable development.

Our future is in your hands

The Victorian Government says their legislation will make Victoria a world leader on climate action. But will it? 

EJA has met with Mr Michel Forst to help him assess the overall environment for human rights defenders and civil society in Australia

Oceania’s busiest port is set to become even busier with the Victorian government granting a new 50-year lease of the Port of Melbourne. For the already threatened Burrunan Dolphin, this is likely to mean increased stress from shipping in the Port Philip Bay area.

Image of EJA lawyers at work

A rare opportunity to join our team!  We’re seeking two new lawyers to join our legal experts to work on new projects. If you are a new lawyer (up to 3 years post admission) with a burning desire to use your legal skills for justice and sustainability, then we’d like to hear from you. 


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