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Last month, the Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, rejected independent recommendations for heritage protection for Tasmania's Tarkine region, increasing the risk that the values of the area will be compromised by mining and mining exploration activity.

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Global economic downturn, a growing poverty gap between rich and poor as well as a rising cost of living has given rise to a thriving alternative economy driven by a philosophy of sharing. Quickly moving into the mainstream the ‘sharing economy’ is one based not on short-term profit, but concerned with helping local communities build wealth and achieving sustainable  environmental goals.

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In Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority is the government agency responsible for dealing with pollution.  One of the ways the EPA does this is by issuing works approvals and licences, which are essentially permissions to pollute Victorians' environments. These decisions should not be made without the people who will be affected by the pollution having a say.

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Biodiversity offsets – technical, convoluted, yet somehow intriguing and fascinating! What are we talking about?

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The EDO/VNPA native vegetation roadshow has been rolling for more than 3 months. We’ve been visiting communities around Melbourne and regional Victoria to explain existing rules governing clearing of native vegetation and changes that the Victorian Government has in the pipeline.

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Some of you might know that in 2012 we completed a project on ‘environmental justice’ in Australia. The work focused on the distributions of environmental harms across society, and the ability of impacted communities to access decision-making processes that result in these distributions.

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In early 2012, members of Friends of Tootgarook Wetlands Reserve noticed a development company removing native vegetation and trucking fill on to a block in Elizabeth Avenue, Rosebud West. They were commencing subdivision works for the construction of a 41-unit housing development.

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Last night, Minister for Environment approved (under the Coastal Management Act) what is called a ‘boat ramp' but what is actually closer to a marina or at the very least an 'ocean access facility', in Mallacoota in far East Gippsland.

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In Victoria, the Minister for Planning has substantial powers to intervene in planning decisions – powers the EDO has always claimed should be curbed.  So we were surprised when The Age yesterday reported that the Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, is seeking

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Last Friday the Federal Court added its voice to the continuing alpine grazing saga - it handed down its decision on whether Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke's rejection of the trial was valid.  Justice Susan Kenny of the Federal Court found that it most definitely was. 


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