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Liddell power station - pic by Josh Meadows

The panicked debate about keeping Liddell power station open past its 2022 retirement date has been fuelled by deliberate misinformation.

The results are in from EJA’s community survey about the Victorian Environment Protection Authority and pollution law reform.

Community members protest about the Tullamarine toxic waste dump

The EPA holds polluters to account – but who will hold the EPA to account?

Our future is in your hands

The Victorian Government says their legislation will make Victoria a world leader on climate action. But will it? 

Hattah-Kulkyne image

Bad news for Victoria’s internationally recognised wetlands and how they are managed.

The Victorian government today released their intentions to change Victoria’s climate change laws.

Climate change is real, and it’s happening now.

It’s no secret that our federal government is failing to address the threat of dangerous climate change. The repeal of the Carbon Tax, coupled with repeated attacks on renewable energy, mean the climate crisis is getting worse while we do less and less to address it.

State governments may be able to bridge some of the gap by acting to bring in their own climate legislation.

Hearings into the post-fire spike in deaths at the reopened Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry commence next week.

Since the terrible events of February 2014, when toxic coal smoke choked the towns of the Latrobe Valley, the local community has fought hard to find the truth about the fire.

It's an excellent time for Victoria to step up and show some leadership on climate change, and we think the answer is a Climate Charter. And you can help.



On 15 July, Australian state, territory and Commonwealth environment ministers met to determine whether they would adopt proposed new air pollution standards.


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