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A Legal Handbook for the coal and gas movement

Environmental Justice Australia in conjunction with CounterAct recently celebrated the launch of the Campaigners’ Handbook – for coal and gas campaigners.


Our case against the Commonwealth Bank is now scheduled to be heard on 1 June. This case is important in the fight against climate change. If we win, it will make it easier for shareholders to hold the boards of Australian companies to account.

Last night at Abbottsford Convent, the Yarra Community Forum brought together representatives from across the Yarra catchment to discuss the issues facing the river and put forward ideas for a vision for the Yarra.

New analysis of the latest annual National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) data, and mapping of trends in the preceding five years, shows big hikes in air pollution from the nation’s coal mines, coal fired power-stations and coal terminals

Last year, we took on a court case against the former Victorian state government’s ‘trial’ of cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park.

Our case argued that the grazing trial is not permitted under the National Parks Act.

Recently we asked people around the country to urgently contact their state environment minister and demand action to protect our clean air.

Our new report highlights the problems facing the Yarra River and call for a Yarra River Protection Act to address them.

For years, State and Federal Governments have been promising a national plan to address air pollution. A new discussion paper asks for feedback in what should be included in a Clean Air Agreement.

Giant Clam or Tridacna Gigas

Have recent events caused a change of heart in the federal government regarding environment protection? The report released today by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment show no such signs.

Our recent report has revealed that the process by which Indian corporate giant Adani was signed off as a ‘suitable operator’ for the proposed Carmichael coal mine was rushed and inadequate.

Environmental Justice Australia is now demanding that the Queensland Environment Department investigate the process.


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