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Smog Western Sydney

Australia’s environment ministers appear to have gone into lockdown in the lead up to their Clean Air Agreement meeting. We’ve been forced to lodge FOI applications in several states...

It's very timely that the Victorian government has appointed a Ministerial Advisory Committee to conduct an inquiry into environmental protection in Victoria.


Environmental Justice Australia, on behalf of local citizens, recently won a VCAT review to set aside a decision to clear 34 Black Box trees (Eucalyptus largiflorens) in Kaniva, far west Victoria.

Tony Abbott and his mates in big mining want to change our biodiversity protection laws to exclude environmentalists and concerned community members from the courts.

This will make our courts the exclusive domain of big business and government, cutting out ordinary Australians who care about the world we live in.

The Abbott government wants to repeal a section of our national environmental laws that gives environmentalists and environment organisations “standing” to challenge the Environment Minister’s decisions in court.

Hazelwood mine fire ABC news

Environmental Justice Australia has represented local community group Voices of the Valley throughout the process of getting the inquiry re-opened to consider the crucial question: Did deaths occur as a result of the mine fire in the months after it occurred?

Lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia appeared before the Victorian Government’s Coal Seam Gas Inquiry in Torquay.

Last year, Victoria announced a 12 month moratorium on exploring for unconventional gas exploration, including coal seam gas and fracking.

It’s no secret that our federal government is failing to address the threat of dangerous climate change. The repeal of the Carbon Tax, coupled with repeated attacks on renewable energy, mean the climate crisis is getting worse while we do less and less to address it.

State governments may be able to bridge some of the gap by acting to bring in their own climate legislation.

Hearings into the post-fire spike in deaths at the reopened Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry commence next week.

Since the terrible events of February 2014, when toxic coal smoke choked the towns of the Latrobe Valley, the local community has fought hard to find the truth about the fire.


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