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Saturday 20 February saw the first meeting of the Yarra Act Community Committee, attended by Bruce Lindsay from Environmental Justice Australia, Yarra Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly, and representatives from local community groups. 

EJA lawyer Felicity MIllner with our proposed Climate Charter. Photo: Jenny Denton

The Independent Review into Victoria’s Climate Change Act has recommended that Victoria adopt a Climate Change Charter.

What is it?

The Victorian Climate Change Act was introduced in 2010. In 2012, the then government substantially gutted the Climate Change Act, making it ineffective.

The Climate Change Act must be reviewed every 5 years. Last year, the state government commissioned an independent expert panel to review that Climate Change Act and its effectiveness.

We’ve just heard that Worksafe, the workplace safety authority, are prosecuting the Hazelwood Power Corporation over the dangerous pollution experienced by the local community during the Hazelwood Mine Fire.

Continual logging in Victoria’s sensitive native forests is causing many of our native species to lose their homes.

Today is World Wetlands Day. It is one outcome of an extraordinary agreement signed in Iran in 1971 at a city on the Caspian Sea – the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance

Swift Parrot Jade Craven

The independent review of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement has concluded that it doesn't know enough about threatened species' success under the RFA. Science disagrees.

Last year Commonwealth Environment Minister Greg Hunt declared that air pollution ‘is a critical national issue and I would like it to be a signature objective of my watch’. Yesterday, he failed to deliver.

We've just heard that environment ministers from around Australia have announced weak new limits on particle pollution. With air pollution responsible for at least 3000 deaths each year in Australia, this response is simply not good enough.

Hazelwood power station seen from the air

More than 3000 Australians die prematurely each year from air pollution. That’s the equivalent of 17 fully-loaded domestic flights crashing with no survivors. These preventable deaths are largely the consequence of fine particle pollution from coal-fired power stations, coal mines, trains and terminals, wood heaters, and motor vehicles.


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