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The main threat to Leadbeater’s possum is commercial logging

Sometimes it takes a cute, furry species on the brink of extinction to get people thinking about nature protection laws.

Coal-fired power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley

Victoria’s Hazelwood power station – Australia’s dirtiest – is preparing to close down, but three more coal-fired power stations still operate in the Latrobe Valley.

co-design in action

The Sustainability Law Lab attended the Community Energy Congress at the Melbourne Town Hall on 27-28 February. Over 500 people voiced visions and declared actions for a new, clean energy system.

The Congress itself was filled with a buzz of optimism about our agency to create a better future. Some highlights:

We are a new initiative of Environmental Justice Australia, aiming to support purpose-led enterprises by providing access to innovative and cost effective legal services.

We had over 200 people register for our Act on Extinction event that we ran with our friends at Environment Victoria and Victorian National Parks Association in Melbourne last night.

It was an amazing turn out and shows that people do care about nature and want to know more about how they can protect the species and places that they love.

The Victorian government is currently consulting on reform to the State’s main law protecting nature – the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG Act).

The FFG Act is in need of fundamental reform.

Queensland’s Office of Information Commissioner makes a welcome judgement.

Do you want to use your skills to help the environment and the health of the Australian community?

Image of Melbourne protest against Turnbull-Adani meeting

We examine why Adani is ineligible for the proposed $1bn loan and the NAIF board must reject the funding.


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